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05-09-2004, 02:37 PM
I am getting some kindergarten books ready for next year.
Here what I got:
Gold stars tha big book of math and English
School zone kindergarten basic
School zone kindergarten scholar
Mcgraw hill reading and math collection
As you can see I am not following a certain company I usually look around to see what might go with my daughter level and interest

is there any thing else I need to get(also any history and geography for k level)
please let me know

05-09-2004, 03:58 PM
I like those "Step into Reading" or "I Can Read" books by Random House. I bought the History and Science Readers all levels and I read the higher levels to her...they are simple and introduce History and Science by reading at a young age. Plus we have puzzles of the U.S.A.
I also bought the Christian LIberty Science level K and the Nature Reader. Not expensive but very bright pictures and fun educational things like leaf experiments etc.

(STEP INTO READING BOOKS:Titanic, Real life Treasure hunts, butterflies, bats, Abe Lincoln, Poncahontis, ...etc etc.) I bought mine on ebay-they sell full price for only about 3.50-4.50 each.

During K I read to my child every day and tried to check out on "real" things because I didn't want the fantasy / fiction to be more than factual things... We read some fiction but mostly fact. We did hands on and played outside a lot with bugs, flowers, dirt etc. Who ever know reading about Snakes or our planet or farm animals could be so so fun and educational during our past year of Kindergarten?? And we learned so much by reading about something then doing it...like planting seeds etc.

05-09-2004, 04:43 PM
I'm not familiar with the books that you listed.

There is a good book by E.D. Hirsh What your Kindergarten needs to know. In that book they have some stories, history, science type things.

We used Calvert for K but...honestly ds already knew the materials because I had worked with him using the McGraw Hill workbooks and he plays Jumpstart computer games (Phonics, Kindergarten - in Feb he started Jumpstart 1st grade) Check out www.starfall.com It's a great reading website and it's free. :D We are using a 1st grade curriculum and ds turned 5 in Feb so...it really just depends on how much work you did with dd prior to now.

K for my second will be done a lot different just because I get it a little more, now.;)

Steck-Vaughn makes a great K level phonics book that you might want to check into - if you find you are a little weak on phonics.
www.steck-vaughn.com The book Mudpies To Magnets has good science experiments in for the little guys & gals.

Lot's of fun crafts, painting, cutting, play doh. www.orientaltrading.com has great crafts for really cheap prices.

Dress up is lot's of fun. Last year after Halloween my mom bought a bunch of the clearance costumes and gave them to ds for Christmas. He LOVES those costumes!!!

Hope that helps you some. Ds is 5 and is really into Mother Goose right now. That's his leisure reading. ROFL

05-09-2004, 08:17 PM
I would skip alot of workbooks and just ask your child what he/she wants to learn about. My four years list right now includes: Joeys, Horses, White Blood Cells, Cursive Writing and Making Bread. My five year olds list is: Bionicles, Endangered Species, The Homeless Population, Drawing Cartoons, Gardening, Skateboarding and Trees. Just by reading, drawing and talking they can learn so much. And of course, physically going to as many in person related places as possibles as well as seeking out experts in any or all of the mentioned areas. I insist on Math, Independant Reading and family Read Alouds. Other than that the kids pretty much choose their day. Fortuneately they all have an interest in math, music and the arts as well as athletic pursuits and reading.

I would spend my money on good quality art supplies, math manipulatives (balance scale, geometric solids, cuisenaire rods, abacus), puzzles, board games (Mastermind, Set, Slamwich, Face It, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Deck of Cards, Snakes and Ladders),Subscription to National Geographic or anything else that appeals to your child, a couple computer games perhaps from the Zoombinis series, balance board, floor mat, bean bags, dress up clothes, basic science supplies (weather station, microscope, telescope, magnifying lenses, small mirrors, petre dishes,circuit boards) , Family Math for Young Children(great series of books to teach thinking math and you do it together), Nebel's Elementary Education (awesome book!), music lessons, cable channels (Animal Planet, Discovery Channel etc.).

I think workbooks have their place but they are not the type of activity that stimulates that broad range thinking which is so valuable as we age. Filling in answers that you already know or have to do little to figure out should be limited in my opinion. For Kindergarten I would just let your child get in their and discover what he/she really likes and go from there.


05-10-2004, 05:39 PM

I don't know what your daughter's level of reading is! There is a wide range here too. From still becoming familar with their abcs to learning basic sight reading, to already reading on 2nd grade level.

So here are some recommendations:

Fly leaf publishing makes books that are beginner readers. www.flyleafpublishing.com Also I use controlled vocabulary readers from Modern Curriculum Press and Dr. Maggies Phonics.

Controlled readers are like phonics readers. It reinforces what letters, blends or sounds you are teaching.

A good phonics program or interactive exercises is a must imho for this age.

Most children's reading skills go way ahead of their writing skills. Its harder to get control over their fine motor skills.So because of that its VERY hard to do workbooks.

I too agree that in Kindergarten it should be some writing, but the crafts and hands on activities far outweigh the writing. Exercises in motor skills will increase their strength.

A goal for Kindergarten can be to write one or two sentences, starting about 1/2 way through Kindergarten about every 3 days or so.

Yes, yes, ps emphasizes writing right off the bat, and do some type of journal writing each day. You can if this doesn't frusterate the child. However, in hsing they have time! Take the writing process slow.

In our Kindergarten, we made shape books about stories we read. We wrote one or two sentences starting about 1/2 way through K in prepartion for 1st grade.

Girls seem to have an edge in their fine motor skills so this may be easy for your daughter.

As far as math, you want to use manipulatives this whole year to represent the numbers. Children have not reached the stage of realizing the value of numbers abstractly until much later.

So when you do numbers show *sets or groups*. I have two fish swimming in the pool, 3 more join them...how many do I HAVE ALTOGETHER?....Then introduce the terms, *take away, minus, subtract* after you work on addition.

Naming coins, not necessarily their value unless she can remember, familiarity with time telling and some basic geometry such as plane shapes vs.solid shapes.

This is one of the most excellent ages to teach in themes. Take one theme for two weeks and stay on it. Incorporate your academic work as you go along. They learn so much.

Most of all, don't WORRY, there is plenty of time for academic work, and it comes soon enough:rolleyes: matter of fact in first grade it picks up the pace.

Know where your daughter is level wise might help us too;) in recommendations we make.


Jimmie Lu
05-10-2004, 05:56 PM
www.starfallbooks.com has free printable books to make and color along with great online games to back up what you are learning and worksheets to print also. It is FREE (my fav.word) Check it out!!

05-10-2004, 11:45 PM
thank you ladies for all your advice and recommendation.
I do agree with you that it's important for that age to have motor skills and hands on activities

As far as studing we do that for about an hour or less a day. as a mother your know your child level and interest. My daughter and I worked on the letters for some times so hopefully she's done with upper and lower letters. Now we are working on the sound. We are taking our time with that.I found that she loves mazes SO MUCH, so I print some from the computer and give the to her as a reward or in her spare time.We work togther on some educational software from time to time. As far as activities , Oh she loves baking and helping me in the kitchen, dress up is her favorite and playing outside.

Thank you so much for your support, it really helps