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05-04-2004, 01:23 AM
Well Tina, I made it! Thanks for inviting me over here. To introduce myself, I'm Stacy and I'm homeschooling my singleton 7yo ds who is enjoying first grade. We've homeschooled since K. I put together my own curric for K, but went with Calvert for 1st. I ditched Calvert 2 mos. ago b/c the teacher's manual drove me nuts. I couldn't figure out a way to manage with it. Jumping around was maddening. I was tired of digging for the gold nuggets. I found the scripted lessons silly and annoying, at best. Nevertheless, I requested the 2nd grade lesson samples and they look great. I guess I can't help but think that homeschooling, to me, means individualizing my child's curriculum and with Calvert I feel like we're just doing cookie cutter school. I can't seem to shake that. I am also bothered by the fact that they raise prices every year and this year they're not even making any changes. (Go figure.) The shipping is dear too. If, however, I could be assured that sticking with Calvert, is indeed my best bet and if I could somehow reorganize the manual, I'd probably order it again. Why? Because I'm drowning in a sea of curriculum choices. There is so much available to us that it's overwhelming. I pour of catalogs like crazy. I'm reading the new WTM right now and it's wonderful! Just seems like it's burn-out waiting to happen. Have any of you checked out the Charlotte Mason/Classical curriculum at Tanglewoodeducation.com? Love that! I've gleaned tons and they make Classical seem so much more do-able than WTM. (Plus I love CM ideas.) Notebooking is my latest passion and we will be incorporating notebooks into our homeschool before the end of the month. (I've found tons of great stuff on notebooking online.) I was thinking that if I incorporated notebooking, timelines, and Cricket magazines (you know: ASK, Click, Spider, etc.) into the Calvert curriculum it might give me that unique, fun, inspirational spin I would need to stick with Calvert. BTW, we're using Rod&Staff for reading, phonics, and math right now and so far so good. Lots of workbook pages, though and my ds always complains about that, so we do some orally. Calvert math wasn't thrilling me. Okay, if you're still with me here, pleasee chime in with comments and insights.
Stacy :-)

05-04-2004, 07:07 AM
I am not at all familiar with Calvert, so I can't even comment on that. We use alot of ABeka curriculum, and I feel the same way about it that you do- that the teacher's materials are just "too much"! And, I'm looking into some other options for some of the subjects as well.
There is just soooooo much available, that it makes it very hard to decide what is best for your child and you and his education, etc. I feel overwhelmed as well.
Someone had a previous post on here, I think called "Help! I'm a curriculum junkie!" You should read through that, if you haven't already. It helps to know that there are alot of other people who have similar feelings. I would just love to have the resources to "have it all"!
I'm sure whatever you decide will be just right!

05-04-2004, 01:32 PM
Hey Stacy

Glad you stop by to visit! Yeah, all put together curriculums are going to feel cookie cutter type:rolleyes:

It can be a source of relief to some and irritation to others. I know when I had a 3 yo, nursing baby,and one learning to read i didn't have time to peruse catalogs and pick out the *perfect curriculum*:confused: I was exhausted:eek: At the same time,I knew whatever I did was wayyyyy more than ps could give them.So I was settled on being *settled* until I could fine tune what WE wanted.

I think each curriculum serves its purpose. Its just what your needs and wants are at the time. I do hs to *tailor make* my curriculum to my child's learning styles. Some moms can do this in their life and circumstances earlier than others can.I think each curriculum has up and downs.

Here again, once a person finds a *comfortable fit* not perfect then imho they can adjust it to suit them. Here again this will keep them from *abandoning ship* everytime there is something they don't like. This allows enough time for a person to see that most curriculum providers *fill in the gaps* so to speak if you stay with them long enough. Now I'm not talking about something that isn't just working. I'm saying there is going to be something about EVERY curriculum that you won't like.

I think you should try what you like.Its still early enough in your hsing career (LOL)..I don't know of anyone who use Tanglewood, although I have heard some good things about it. I always say remember that *trying and pitching curriculum* to find the comfortable fit is way better than spending thousands of dollars at private school.

Welcome here, hope you stick around for a while.


05-04-2004, 04:06 PM
I was having a little negative feeback from ds when I'd grab that Calvert lesson manual. So...what I did and it seems to be working very well for both of us is....ready for this....it's rocket science :p

I read through the lessons whenever I have the chance. (as many as I have time for) I highlight the questions that I want to make sure to ask after he reads a story and make any notes right then, with a red pencil. Then...I grab all the words, worksheets etc..for that lesson paper clip them together and stuff them in the book. No more reading the manual while we are schooling. Because it really was making us crazy to have it strangling us. I do skip a lot of the things that I know ds knows but...then I'll pick a day and make him do a *review* that is a lot harder than anything they perscribe. So...maybe that could help you a little bit.

I am a newbie to homeschooling ds turned 5 a few months ago and after buying Calvert K in July having ds whip through it and learn nothing....we purchased Calvert 1st in March....it's going well for us and is a much better level for him. I jump up and down to know that he won't have to suffer in ps come August to learn his ABC's. :D

If you haven't tried them Avery makes a really neat Hi-Liter GlideStik. It isn't a *wet* highlighter so...no smearing or bleeding. I love them. Too bad they only come in yellow because I would buy LOT'S of colors. :D

05-04-2004, 04:20 PM
I also meant to say that mom learned a lot while ds was using K. But, the *meat* was mostly things he already knew.

05-04-2004, 04:47 PM
Hi Stacey

I am new here too! I just read your input on Calvert. I have been looking into Calvert for a while now, along with planning my own curriculum out. I just posted as "New Here! My Curriculum". Maybe you can read it when you have time.:D I have a ds who will be in fourth grade next year. It will be my first year home schooling. I am very excited about it.

05-05-2004, 02:14 AM
Thanks for all of the comments. I am leaning towards going back to Calvert as my spine and fleshing it out with what I think would make it a better fit. I'll share more soon on a new thread.