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05-29-2007, 02:51 PM
I am considering Abeka for English, which is gramar and spelling I think.. hubby said he was going to do English LIt for her. Assign and make up lessons for them.
I have History figured as World HIstory thrugh LIterature , winging it on my own mixing stuff up! Kind of following the style of a few ideas there.Science will be SOS for sure....
Math__ she is still doing Algebra 2&3rd books of Life Paks so we will continue with that, maybe see if I can pick up JUST the lessons of the Video Text Algebra... then I will know I want it for Geometry for sure! Once we get to that. She may work through summer to finish her 9th grade work, btw, so I am looking at all of this in stride but trying to not stress too.
PE- She wants Gymnastics again So I will look for that since she did not get to go out to school like she wanted. ( the Finances were part but came down to Hubby did not want her with teens 2 yrs her senior yet because she is a young 13. just would be going into 8th next year, and sorta timid.)
Art_ My own teaching_
Spanish, so she can talk with kids at church and stuff,
Possibley Greek on the side if I can get the curric she wants for that but I don't want to over load her. She checked otu rosetta stone and was NOT impressed... she could not see how it was supposed to be so great if it does not have a set lesson just stuff to click on. Good for vocab but??
I printed her some dominos from one of the sites we talked about too! Spanish dominos, she played a game with them to teach herself the numbers at least.
Starting with basics this year will help us both for next year.
I my go with SOS, Spanish because I can get it for free if I need to.
SO.... What am I missing???

05-29-2007, 05:45 PM
I just answered two other threads about English, and I still say the Rod & Staff English is WAY more complete, and just all-around better than A Beka. I know some won't agree, and all kids are different, but it just really "learns 'em good"! ;) It looks like it goes through 10th grade, but they are a bit advanced, so she may not be at THEIR 10th grade level (though she may!).


You may want to just keep expanding her 9th grade info. instead of pushing her into 10th grade. Well, I'm not saying you're pushing, but a lot of us have kids that are advanced to a point, but at some point you may just need to let her stay at a level, just cuz she's younger---unless there's a rush for some reason.

My dd just turned 10 and was on the 8th to the 11th grade levels on most of her ITBS test (except English, which we're working on this year and next year! ;) ), and is getting ready to do Algebra 1/2. But I'm not going to put her in 8th or 9th grade at this age, I just let her explore more and do things with kids her age. I know Jackie's Rachael, and some of these other kids of ladies here are whipping through math and other things too!

Really, it does depend on the child! Some kids WANT to go ahead! Some kids, as long as they stay challenged, are fine with staying at a current level for the year in other things. Math, though, I agree that you need to keep them challenged in that. If they just keep moving forward, then I just get them the next level whenever they're done.

Maturity-wise, though, they may come to a point where they're not ready for certain materials yet... I dunno, as I said, it depends on the child's over-all maturity and "need" to move forward, and how the parents feel...

I'm not trying to scold you! Does it sound like that? I HOPE NOT!!! I'm just saying, it'd put less pressure on you for her to finish the 9th grade stuff, since you said you were trying not to stress. If she's going to homeschool, she wouldn't HAVE to work through the summer and stress you AND her out. She could slow it down a little and enjoy it more, maybe. Just a thought!

Did you look at the www.greeknstuff.com site? My ds13 is working on Level 3, and nearing completion. He got a little side-tracked with other things, and didn't do it for awhile, but that's okay! He'll still have a foot up if he really DOES go to school to become a pastor--since Greek is required!

I think Spanish is a great idea! I tried the Rosetta Stone with dd, and she didn't like it either. She asked to switch to ASL (American Sign Language), so I found a beginning program and some websites to try to work with. Then we'll probably just move in with Jackie, so she can continue to teach my dd! :lol:

You got me interested in the SOS Spanish. I'd like to see what that is like!

Okay, I guess I've talked enough already! :eek:

05-29-2007, 06:23 PM
Thanks Deena I was hoping you would reply ~almost put your name in my topic!

NO worry about scolding me, but i am not pushing her in fact she is the one who pushes. I worry sometimes that I should push her a bit to do more work but then remind myself she once was so stressed at 7 yrs old or so that I cut her to half day of work and sent her to play with ds who was 4-5 then. She tries to complete everything so quick that I used to worry she was not retaining, but she remembers more than I do when I teach her, plus she reads the teach yourself stuff on top of it! That is one reason I am switching to mixed curric this year is she will push through the Life Paks and Sos and get it 90% or more correct every time, so I want to challenge her with something she is not used to. I clicked ont eh ROd and Staff books site and will look at that first, and the Greek one I am not sure if I have looked at before I have been bookmarking things "Just in case" for a couple of months, and now that we made the final decision, not wanting her to be mixed in with more mature kids is part of hubby's reason for not sending her out.
My main reasons for having wanted to were to not have to deal with the stress for a while hahah ( I know Bad mommy!) But also to get her more involved, so I am signing us up for Home School group, in town next to me! YEaaaaaaaaa! it is not a christian group but I have accidently sent devotionals to the leader before and not realised it was a dif person and she did not send it back with dont send, so that is a good sign!
IT is a group that sounds good, has a cooking class I am already putting dd into in fall, cause I need the break mostly for family fun stuff.
But--- She would have pushed her way to 10th by mid summer if I did nto tell her she was not rushing in, I am getting prepared ahead so I can plan the year out, so she will not start one till the other finishes, probably aroudn Christmas I coudl see her in all her 10s, she is almost done with Science, and Lang Arts 9th grade, History is a couple books I think still if I am remembering the right child, and thats the US Civics/Goverment?ecomics lol stuff. Plus we did Goverment and That Constitution stuff on our own as a side class so we slowed her Life paks for that too. I have enjoyed being lax with her learning style and I worry that she will not excel after home school becasue of it though... do you think letting her work more independantly is a problem or not? She is a brain, I don't say that lightly I have fought the idea for years but her personality traites even show that, she has geniuses on my moms side and her daddys side of the family ( it skipped me< I never took a full test of IQ info, I was told it was a just for fun thing so I played with the sentences hahaha) But she is so bright even her big brother started braggin on his sister the Brain to his friends. That scares me, so I try to play it down wanting her to be 'normal' if you know what I mean?
We did an on line test and she tested up there too.
ANyway I will check these sites out and see what I can find, not planning to start it ALL in Fall just whatever we are there with I want to be in the know and prepared for it ahead of time since its real highschool and record keeping and all that between the 9th and 10th, stuff, I dont want to miss anything if she wants to go out to college that they may want her to have taken.
But I really do NOT want to push her at all seriously! I totally understand that, thanks though for voicing cause I know that sometimes parents can do that.

05-29-2007, 06:46 PM
Okay after looking at Rod and Staff I still have the same question, the Teacher's Manuel looks great and all that but what does the students text look like? I still need to see that because she will not do work she does not like, I do not want to argue with her, but will if I think its nessacary lol, but I need to see the inside so I can show dd and see if she would enjoy it as well. I am a firm beliver that school needs to be enjoyable for y ou to retain the most from it.

05-29-2007, 09:50 PM
TMom, Man, that's hard to have to force her to stop studying! I don't know what that's like! ;) Her brain is just very thirsty, and she's got quite a drive! My brother was kind of like that, and he got so bored in school that he wouldn't even do the work and failed--that was 10th grade. So my parents sent him to a special school where they cold go at their own pace---he did 10th, 11th and 12th in 6 months! He's also VERY musical! He's the oldest, and my sister and I told our parents, "If you were planning on having more than one, why'd you give him ALL the talent?!" :lol: So I know you have an interesting challenge on your hands with her! I hope she continues to succeed! I think it's GREAT she's homeschooling, cuz she'll succeed and anything she wants to, no matter what level it's at! You can help guide her and keep her motivated and keep stuff in front of her that challenges her! I commend you for trying to keep up with her!

So, Rod and Staff doesn't show inside the student book?
I only have a 5th grade one and a 6th grade one. But is there anything I can take a picture of and show you?

Hmmm, now that you mention it (challenging), Bob Jones 10th grade English was a BEAR! It was quite difficult. DS made it through fine, it just took him more work than he was used to (he takes after my brother!). Maybe she'd be interested in that for English? You might want to look at that.

DS wanted to try LifePacs this year, but is not very impressed with them! I'm guessing they're not, especially now that she's older, what will help her the most!

I also think the Apologia Science would be good for her! It can be challenging! Jackie found an ad for it and told me about it. I got the student book, solutions and test book, and a handout thing that someone made that has Daily lesson plans!!! I LOVE that! Anyway, I got it (THANKS JACKIE!!!) for $35! I also got a slide set from the same lady! Now ds13 wants me to get him the dissection kit! :) I may do that! It'll help keep his interest level high!

I started this awhile ago, and got interrupted. Now I'll finish it!

I hope you find what will help her. I'll be happy to help in any way I can!