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04-08-2003, 12:02 PM
Hi! My name is Jen and I live in Canada.

I've got two sons and I stay home. My oldest is doing Grade 1 by distance ed. (the program is great here), my youngest, thanks to age restriction, will be in K. the year after next. We love it and look forward to sharing ideas and just talking!

04-08-2003, 02:54 PM
My name is Lisa and I have lived in California my entire life. We are in the S.F. Bay Area, in Concord. This is our 10th year homeschooling. I currently homeschool a first grade boy (7 years) and a 4th grade girl (nearly 10). We started with an older son (21 now and married!) in 7th grade. We homeschool with a district homestudy program, Horizons. We love it! There are many active parents who do field trips, cooperative classes, workshops, even pe classes. Our program provides a room to meet, and resources such as texts or thematic kits if we want them. We can use any curriculum we choose, or none at all! The advisors (district teachers) come to our homes every 2 weeks, but not to tell us what to teach! That is up to us! Since we are in the district program the children can go to our neighborhood school for extras. My daugher takes band, she plays the flute. The program parents in Horizons organize a Science Festival, Art Show, Music Night and more each year. We do a lot of thematic studies, but use texts for math. We do a lot of science and art. Right now we are learning about the Native Americans. We have a lot of local museums that offer homeschool classes, we just took one on the local Indians. We have made a few lapbooks, which are fun, and do FIAR some with my son. Actually my daughter likes doing it too! We have a lot of pets. I do not work outside the home.

04-11-2003, 03:29 AM
We have lots of pets too. 5 cats, to be exact, all family (and we are considering fish, at least the part of we that won't wind up cleaning the tank are considering them!).

There is supposed to be a system being set up here so that homeschooling and distace ed. kids can take part in some school programs, but the progress in that direction is a little slow. There are some schools that are happy to help, some that aren't. Luckily, my kids are still little, so there is time for all the bugs to be worked out before they get to the age that we would use the programs!

01-26-2009, 10:32 AM
Hi. My name is Eddie. I am a researcher and retired headteacher living in the UK. My passion is the promotion of reading and other literacy skills among homeschooled children. I have a website which offers free resources for promoting literacy which are suitable for homeschoolers in particular.There is no registration requirement - I have no need or wish to know your location or email address. I offer assistance with the use of these resources to homeschoolers at no cost whatsoever. My site carries no adverts and is not in any respect, a commercial undertaking.
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