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08-04-2004, 10:40 AM
I am getting ready to put my day together. I am trying to figure out the times and order of things. What time to start school and how the order of subjects should go, maybe put math first then spelling...If anyone would like to share their day. :D

08-04-2004, 01:17 PM
I haven't worked out the details for our 1st grade schedule (still waiting for some curriculum, argh), but K5 went something like this:

1. Dh and ds are early risers, so they got started on Bible while I had my coffee and looked over the day's lessons. (A real blessing, since I'm a night owl and need extra "wake up" time!)

2. Language Arts for 30-40 min. (including possibly a science or social studies lesson that tied into the day's subject). Also, we took a short break sometime during language arts.

3. Math for 20 min. or so.

4. Snack time!

5. Art or music. Music lessons were short, maybe 10-15 min. Art sometimes took longer, depending on how much paint was involved! :)

6. P.E.: Depending on the weather this was calisthenics indoors, riding his bike outdoors, bowling, swimming, etc.

We usually did the morning schedule, but sometimes if we had something else we had to take care of in the a.m., we would work in the afternoon instead. Also, at different times of the day we play educational games, read to ds., etc. Nature walks, gardening, etc. also lend themselves to "teachable moments".

I find tackling the "hard" subjects first helps ds and me get off to a good start. After we get through language arts, math is a treat, snacks are always welcome and he likes art, music and p.e.

Hope this helps!


08-04-2004, 02:40 PM
:D Nellie,
I learned that each day is different around here.. :roll: That said, I block off 9-1 daily for our lessons. I like to get the most important subjects LA and Math out of the way first. Each kid gets to choose to begin with LA or Math. They love having a little control 8) . For me, I can't handle not getting those two in each day. After we finish up, we have lunch. The afternoon is filled with History, Science, Art, Music, Phy. Ed, Read A-louds, and independant reading or projects. I alternate the subjects of course.
During our official school time, I ignore the phone and there is no tv. While I'm working with one the other is free to read or do an activity. During our long winter months here, I will allow educationl afternoon videos. They also have violin lessons and outside acitivities like gym and such.
Now, we also allow for our beautiful end of summer and fall days here. We can do the math and LA and head out to enjoy the beautiful weather while it last. I make the schedule work for us 8)
Tammy :D

08-04-2004, 03:33 PM
This is mainly for my 2nd grader but usually applies for my prek son as well. I try to teach them together except for the "Independent study time" where dd works alone and I work one on one with my 3 yo. We do theme study, Lang. Arts/Journal, S.S., Science, Health and the electives together as much as possible. If we cannot for some reason, ds will have free play with educational toys in our playroom/classroom.

8:00-9:00 Breakfast and daily chores
9:00-9:30 Storytime and Reading
9:30-10:00 Math games
10:00-10:45 Independent study (Journal/calendar/vocabulary/math workbook)
10:45-11:15 Theme study
11:15-11:45 Phonics(10min), Handwriting (10min), Spelling (10min)
11:45-12:30 Lunch break
12:30-1:00 Grammar(10min), Writing (10min), Vocabulary (10min)
1:00-1:30 Social Studies/Science/Health block
1:30-2:00 Music/Art/Computer/Typing
2:00-2:30 PE (free play)

08-04-2004, 03:36 PM
I cannot remember the ages of your kids. Are they young still? How do they like the violin lessons? My dd Avery is interested and might want to take lessons this Fall. She is 7. I worry that she will drop it after a few months and say she doesn't like it. Now, ds on the other hand loves music and seems to be a little musically inclined so I might try to find him an instrument in a few years. How early did your kids start playing?

08-04-2004, 05:52 PM

This is the schedule for my big guy (4th grader this year) and little guys!

We homeschool 4 days! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. :D

We get up usually around 7:00 .

7:00-9:00 Eat breakfast, stare at walls, :lol: tidy up kitchen, :P throw on some laundry. Everyone is dressed, fed, teeth brushed, beds made up and some Bible reading by 9:00. I tried 8:00 for 2 years and it was just too rushed . I had too much housework in the pm after school. So by dividing some of it up ,it helped me. :wink: A little now, so not so much later.

9:00-9:40 Math first since its usually the most time consuming. 2 big guys do math. This is my 1:1 time with 4yo on language arts/math since he doesn't require much time now.Or after I spend time with him, I try to let him do some things independently.

9:40-10:30 I assign my 4th grader his reading.I lay out vocabulary words and lay any other foundation for his story. He can read in his room quietly, then he takes a breaks until I'm finished with the middle child. I work 1:1 with 2nd grader on language arts and he does his reading. Then his assigned worksheets and/or writing.

10:30 2nd grader breaks! 4th grader comes in for me to ask him about reading. I do spelling, writing, here with 4th grader so he has 1:1 time. We work together or he completes assignments until lunch. I call 2nd grader back in to finish up anything left over and do some geography.

12:00 We pretty well break closer to 12:00. Take off until about 1:30

1:30 Science on Tuesday/Wednesdays ....Latin on Thursday for 4th grader

Friday is the exception! :D
Math only on Friday until finished. Then history all day! :D

Nellie, I don't spend a lot of time on spelling. Calvert has tests everyday sight unseen! :shock: They taught the word parts, words of similar spellings,etc real extensive in second grade. So he does excellent on spelling. Calvert suggests that since spelling is developmental, it just come by recognition and use, like the multiplication tables. So they suggest not spending a lot of time on it, since some kids this age may become bored with the time consuming process of putting word parts together,etc..What he misses, keep up with for review at every 10 lessons. Then of course have him write them out 3 times too. Hit and then go on to the next list.

Thats our general schedule!


08-04-2004, 06:58 PM

I like your schedule! I especially love the four day week. We are still working toward that goal but I feel like with the curriculum I chose that I wouldn't cover everything in just four days unless we did longer days. I'm still trying to work that out.

I have a question for ya. I noticed you didn't list things like music, art, language for the younger ones, computer and any other electives. Do you do any of these regularly? I always feel like I'm not covering enough music and foreign language with my dd (2nd grader). Just curious if you do teach them and how intensely.


08-04-2004, 08:58 PM
Mom2ampm do you belong to a homeschooling group in our group they have a gentlemen who was a music teacher and gives piano lesson once a week so I count that as music. You might want to get him into something like that. Playing something.
They love it.
Computer we do every Friday. I also teach 4 days a week Monday - Thursday only with Fridays being our day for field trips with the homeschool group, piano lesson and open gym along with computer.
I teach from around 9 til 2 I am like Tina TX I tryed 8 but that was just too early for us to get moving and get everything done with out being rushed.
Good luck and hope this helps some.
Kristy TX

08-04-2004, 09:28 PM
Hi Missy....

My schedule comes after much time,talent, toil! More toil than anything! :lol:

Yes I add those things in. Here is a more specific run down of my schedule.

We have:
Musical Monday
Tutor Tuesday
Wacky Wednesday
Terrific Thursday
Fun Friday
Superfine Saturday
Serious Sunday..

Yes I know they sound, stupid! LOL :lol: However, they keep us on course and remind the kiddos and me of what we are doing!

We do make long days of schooling sometimes and I'm more relaxed because my house is clean, groceries are bought, and most the time bills paid at the beginning of the week. :wink: Since, as homeschoolers we are suppose to be doing more in less time, I put that to the test. So I cut down on homeschooling days. So far, I have absolutely enjoyed this schedule last year and this year more than any I have done. If you want to go longer on some days you can because most of the laundry is done, bed sheets are clean,etc. I basically move all day on Monday.

In reality, Monday is used for their music lessons. It gives both of us break and they are assured of it every week. It fits in perfect with me running around doing errands. I made sure i schedule it about mid afternoon so that WE could clean in morning, do some more thorough Bible Study class, wash,etc. Then I take them to music.Keep running my errands, come back and get them..All day is devoted to cleaning, running around and doing their music. It worked so much better than me teaching them music too.

Tuesday is called Tutor Tuesday because they understand we will buckle down and get started with our school week.

As far as art, it is included as part of the curriculum just about every day UNTIL first grade. In first grade, we need to buckle down on language arts so it takes a back seat. One or two lessons per week has to suffice. NOW, we can do more, IF our language arts and math is done. This stays this way until about mid way through 3rd. By that time, we have a good reader, good writer and so we can fly a little faster. KWIM? I can do so much more with my 3rd grader because he can read so well, write quickly,etc.We are enjoying studying about famous artists. My first grade will wait another year until he too masters reading well and writng.

Computer is on their own time, when we are finished in the afternoon. They tend to pick this up quickly so I don't need to teach, per se. My oldest will probably be ready to up his typing skills this next year.

As far as foreign language that starts in 3rd grade. Latin is first. We supplement with Spanish powerglide for fun or they do in their own room. I won't do a foreign language until I feel, imho that they grasp ours first. So thats why I start in 3rd grade. By that time they are familar enough with our structure and can make the comparisons. My oldest does Spanish and German on his own in his room. The younger two listen in too.

Yes, yes I read all the stuff about how children can process more than one language. I agree! However, my goal is for them to process ours real well because they have the rest of their lives to process others. Unless, i was moving to a foreign country real soon, I will continue to throw it in here and there!

So I set priorities, and chose Latin since the romance languages comes from it. So Latin I will teach intensely since they can learn anything from that. :wink:

Make more sense?

08-05-2004, 05:37 AM
TinaTx if you don't mind me asking, what source do you use for teaching Latin? I have wanted to teach my children Latin but I can't find any good sources that I feel comfortable with. There is so much in our language and in all other languages that is based on Latin I really feel I would be cheating my kids not to add that in.

As far as our schedule right now the only thing we are doing is Science/Health, and Social Studies. We are starting out slowly right now. I will "officially" add in Math in September and Language Arts in October. They will be doing math and LA before then but not intensly. Right now we are doing a unit on food and yesterday they wrote out a list of recipes they want to make (LA) and Monday we will go to the store and shop (math/insanity).

I wish I could have a schedule like some of you with time blocked off, it will never happen here. We are going to be doing a four day week though, working on our lessons Tuesday - Friday and going to the library, or some type of "field trip" on Monday. My kids for the most part are very independent so I can pretty much give them their work and let them go. If they have a problem then they get me and we work on it. Nothing for us is set in stone and we "fly by our pants" most of the time, but all the work gets done in the end.

08-05-2004, 08:13 AM

I use Latin Primer by Martha Wilson. When we finish I will check into Latiana Christiana. It is suppose to be user friendly for the parent that doesn't know any Latin. Latin Primer is suppose to be a little less user friendly. However, I MAKE all of my curriculum user friendly. LOL

What I mean by that is that I always buy whatever I need to make it easy teaching that subject. :D I have learned over the years buying the teaching vidoes , dvds,cds, tapes or investing in the lesson manuals have been well worth it most of the time. :wink: Then, I feel like I can juge the merits of a curriculum better .

I use to just buy the *bare minimums* then say i didn't like something, not really using in the way it was meant to be.

So yes, I pay a little extra, but imho, even it was a mistake buying it, its a lesson well learned and it costs way less than sending them to private school or what I would have to deal with in ps.

So we have enjoyed doing the Latin Primer because we both sit down and are taught by the video. The video is done in a classroom setting by a teacher. Its kind of funny sitting there, but ds likes that kind of corny thing. :o However, Latiana Christiana suppose to have the same parental support and be even easier to teach. We had it easy,imho this year because of having all the materials I needed.

So out of the two Latin Primer is a no frills *sock it to me* type, whereas Latiana Christians is a little more easy in introducing it.

As far as schedule Susan, imho, life's circumstances are always temporary at best. I think the best approach to successful homeschooling is having a combination of both: structure and fly by the seat of your pants. (or as I say *my head up my butt* :P )

If you have all structure, you are not allowing your children's interests and your values to dictate your learning. On the other hand, if everything is fly by your pants, then we don't seem to be satisfied that we are reaching goals or have a sense of accomplishment in teaching our children. It takes both,imho.

Does that info. help?


08-05-2004, 10:00 AM
:oops: .I forgot we only school 4 days a week here too. :oops: Anyway, we keep Friday our "Friday Fun & Free Day", Field Trip, Library, Lunch with Dad and Run around day. :D We love it. :!: Kids did an all day program last year and we had to give up our Free Day :cry: This year we are skipping the 'program' and going back to our favorite schedule. :D

Our Math has a four day schedule set into it so, that makes it easy. We always stop at the library on Friday so, LA is covered. Like Tina, our schedule evolved over time. After time and many tears I realized we have the freedom to make homeschooling work for us. Eac day, I like to get the dishes done and everything tidy before we start school. And Friday afternoon I get the sheets in before we head out. I gave up writing in times and just track the time we spend. (I use hstracker)

Missy, my dd just turned 10. She started violin last year and loves it. :D Ds is just 7 but goes with us to the lessons. Our violin teacher assigns something for us to listen to each week. Fun for all of us. He reports back to her with a picture or few words the next week. DD took piano for 1/2 a year but never loved it when she was five. Now she practices with out 'reminding.'

(Oh,...now I forgot dd loves a schedule. She likes to have her own copy of my teaching plans and check everything off as she goes. ) On Reeeeaalllyyyyy coooooold, Fridays we add music by listening to cds or watching dvd on the composers. We also attend the local symphony here when ever we can. We also do big block of art then.

For art, my two take local lessons in 9 week blocks. We choose what sounds fun. This year they took, kids and clay, drawing, and painting and art from the junk drawer. At home we use, How Great Thou Art.

Our four day a week works out fine for us. My kids do read each an every day for at least 1/2 an hour. While Friday is "free" they are still learning a lot. 8)

08-05-2004, 04:14 PM
Where do they take art lessons? Is it like a local craft/art store or a class for just homeschoolers? I'm still new to all this so that is why I am so curious! I appreciate you sharing your schedule and curriculum with us!!!

08-05-2004, 04:50 PM
This year we discovered the Recreation Community Center in our new town :D . The classes are small 8-12 kids and my two love them. They also participated in a once a week class at a local school this past year. We were settling in and wanted to try everything. We are going to skip it this year.
One of the local community colleges offers kids programs here too. We will check them out this fall. I also check with local buisnesses and see what they have to offer. A local pottery store is very welcoming here. We can skip the busy weekends and enjoy a discount during the week days. :wink:
For gym this year one of the locals has a hs gym class we want to check out this year. I don't just limit them to classes with other hs kids. That said, I do like weekday day time classes best. The afternoon after we finish up works best for all of us.
I know Michaels offers lots of crafts. You have to make reservations and of course pay but the crafts are fun and they supply everything.
Our local Nature Centers and parks offer some classes here too. I just call and they have welcomed us as a family. This year we tapped maple trees and had a private school tour. 8)
There are lots of fun educational opportunities in every city. My dd is going to 'shadow' a librarian here after school starts. She can't wait :!: . Ds and I will enjoy the library reading area while she works. :wink:
We are also heading up to a dino dig after the weather breaks. She love archeology. We'll make sure Dad make the trip with us.

08-05-2004, 04:52 PM
I miss spell check. Sorry about not proof reading but I was in a hurry as usual.

08-05-2004, 06:22 PM
Mine is tentatively this:

Writing -Mon & Tues
Science -Wed & Thurs
Art/Libary/Music -Fri

There is a church that has gym in afternoons one day a week. Also, various other programs to get together throughout the year.

08-05-2004, 10:00 PM

Check out those other local homeschool groups and co-ops! :wink: We have a lady here that gives FREE art lessons once a month at the library for homeschoolers. Both parent and child.

In the other groups around us we have boy scouts, archery lessons, chemistry, french, spanish ,nature walks and game days to just name a few. There is always something we can be doing, or that will fit into our schedule.

I have one local group that I prefer to do activities with . However, I am part of two or three others so that I can receive emails as to their upcoming activities.

08-06-2004, 06:45 AM
I know of atleast three groups around here (really others as well) that offer playgroups/classes/field trips. I checked into several of these and there were reasons we didn't find one. Either they were very strict (religion wise) or were a little too far away. I am still hoping to find a good group one day.

Our libraries offer tons of arts and crafts/storytimes/shows that are fun and educational! We have weekend arts/crafts at local craft stores and school supply stores. I like these art classes but I don't really think they are "teaching art" but more allowing kids to do fun crafts. I do so much of that already. I have talked to dd about taking short term classes or camps for art but she was not too interested unless she had a pal to go with her (we couldn't talk anyone into going). So, I am still looking. I am going to continue with the free crafts though. I just found Lakeshore Learning not too far from us and they do free crafts on Saturdays. So, we will try them out soon!

As far as music, it would be nice to have a local class for dd. I haven't been able to find a school that offers it yet (even private). I believe dd will eventually do some instrument lessons. I use lots of different things for music but I just feel like it's not really sinking in yet. I just don't focus on it enough I guess. :( I do feel that it's very important though or else I wouldn't be mentioning it I suppose.

Back to the groups....I really liked one group of people that I met at a homeschool fair. The group met for field trips and playgroups, but they did not met for classes. They were a little too far away as well. All of the other groups were of some religious affliation and required you go to their church or one of their denomination (regularly). That is a big problem. We haven't found "our church" so we don't go on a regular basis. Something I regret everyday. I am still looking. We really like the inlaws church but there are only about 7 kids that go there!!! Yikes! They, of course, do not have a homeschool group. So....I am still looking!

08-06-2004, 08:47 AM
Best wishes on all your searches :D We are still settling in here and looking for our best options too.
We found our music teacher from another musician. You might call a local store that rents or sell pianos and other musical insturments. Our piano store(s) here have lists of private teachers. Most teach out of their homes. We also have the symphony here, they teach the suzuki (sp?) method. Very expensive but an excellent program.

08-06-2004, 09:32 AM

I use Latin Primer by Martha Wilson. When we finish I will check into Latiana Christiana. Blessings

Thanks, I'll check those out.