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07-27-2004, 09:45 AM
:roll: We are getting ready to start homeschool here but I was wondering if anyone can tell me the laws of Texas for homeschooling? Do I have to let the public school know, do I have to show anyone my lesson plans for my dd's work? Are there some things they need to learn by law or should know.
Thanks for the help.
Kristy TX

07-27-2004, 10:12 AM
just goto:


They have a map of the states and just click on Texas and it will bring up the laws/regulations.

07-27-2004, 10:17 AM
I absolutely can Kristy! :D

If you child is not in public school NOW, DO NOT contact the school. There is nothing that you have to do. Contacting the public school is the equivalent of calling the IRS to help you fill out your tax form! :lol: You will not ever need to contact them, show them lesson plans or have dd tested. NO NOTHING!

Texas home schoolers are recognized under the law as private schools. Private schools are not regulated at all like public schools.

As public schools we are not subject to the compulsory attendance laws. We do not EVER have to show ANYONE our curriculum. :shock: It is none of their business. If anyone from the school, truant officer comes to your door : Be polite, DO NOT let them in..Ask them to give you their request in writing and then forward that request to the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) in Lubbock.

Under law all that we have to do is to pursue school in a bona fide manner. This means a course in reading,writing, math and good citizenship. So if a truant officer ask you: Tell them you have a curriculum as provided by the law for private schools. You do not need to show it to them, that is regulation.

One case recently, a CPS (child protective service) worker called and wanted to know if a child was being homeschooled. The parents said yes. The CPS worker wanted to see the curriculum. THSC said NO, you have no authority. CPS worker said *I just want to be sure*. THSC said NO, you have no right or authority. What part of NO do you not understand. LOL

Anyway, Kristy the point being, we don't even give them an *inch*. We comply peacufully with the law, but WE KNOW the law. :wink: Most truant officers and civil workers do not. So we want to be sure whatever we do, we do not make it hard on the next person.

However, .if your child is in school, then a letter of intent to withdraw, to the principal is ALL that is necessary. THSC says to mail it certified, return receipt requested, so that you don't have to deal in peson with them. Then you keep your child home after that.. I hand carried mine there and made them sign in person, waiting for them to say something, so I could let them have it, because I WAS INFORMED. LOL.. NOPE! The principal KNEW the law and absoutely nice. So I walk out with my child and thats it.

The bottom line, whether you have to do a letter of intent or not, you never show anyone your curriculum, you don't have to her tested and you don't ever need to show lessons plans, keep up with attendance, NO NOTHING, means NO NOTHING :D

Does that help? Let me know......


07-27-2004, 12:24 PM
In addition to what Tina said. She's so good, isn't she? :D

THSC makes a GREAT handbook that has all the legal information in it.


It's called the Handbook for Texas Home Schoolers and cost $18 + shipping It's very imformative and worth the $$$$$ You could check your library to see if they have a reference copy that you could view.

I am looking to get the Beginner Packet from there so that I will have the information for the Smoothing the Way group I am doing. You can get that for $30 + shipping and it has the handbook, two audio tapes, and the Ready, Set...Now What Do I Do? video.

Tim & Lyndsay are WONDERFUL people. I FINALLY got to meet them when we had them as the guest speakers for our Open House.

I'm not trying to be a salesperson for them. I just know that they have great information for a good price and THSC is a non profit organization. So....

Hope that helps.

07-28-2004, 08:59 PM
She and Tina thanks alot for all the help. No the girls are not in a public school and never were in Texas so I wouldn't even let them now. Thanks for all the wonderful help.
I will look in on the www.thsc.org sounds wonderful thanks again.
Kristy Tx