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yankee girl
07-04-2004, 06:51 PM
Hi - Everyone, Okay I have sent off my intent to homeschool form to the state (NC). Now I need to write a letter of withdrawal to the school. What do I need to put in the letter? Can it just state I am withdrawing my son to teach him at home? Or what does it have to state?

Thank you for your help :?: :?:

07-04-2004, 10:48 PM
You probably need to find out what your state requires from you. In IL we don't have to let anyone know, but I wrote a withdrawing letter anyway when we took our ds out mid-year of 1st grade. Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

I included the school codes for IL stating that I needed his school records. I also included in legal language for IL that he would be "enrolled in our private home school" since in IL homeschools are considered private schools. I also made sure to give them credit where credit was due (good classroom teacher and overall approach of mult-age classrooms) and then signed it as the administrator of our homeschool (since I was requesting files and such).

Hope this helps!

yankee girl
07-05-2004, 09:21 AM
The NC website for non-public education says I only have to show the card they send me to the principal of the school. Guess I really do not need a letter. However, I would like to get a copy of his records so shouldn't I put that in writing?


07-05-2004, 11:11 AM
In IL, we have a Student Records Act that allows us to obtain our kids' records. I sent that request in writing in a certified letter. You might call the NC state board of education and find out what you need to do to obtain records and ask for any state codes in place for that purpose. I found it helpful for my, how shall we say this, not-so-legally-educated local school administration to have the codes in print in front of them so that I wouldn't get any argument or long waiting period.

Actually, my oldest was in 2nd grade at ps last year so I need to be obtaining records again. Thanks for your "heads up" about it! :wink: