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06-28-2004, 05:23 PM
I could use a little help please. I have a child who just finished second grade. She is a very visual learner. She shows no interest at all in chapter books unless they are illustrated. Does any one know of a company that produces books on a third or fourth grade level that are illustrated.

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06-28-2004, 06:21 PM
Wal-mart carries a few lines of books that we've purchased in the past. I think one may be Scholastic early readers- they are grouped in 4 different levels, #4 being the chapter books. And, the other line may be D-K (I'm not sure)......but, that line has chapter books as well as educational books on characters such as Anne Frank, etc. (My daughter bought that one in 3rd grade and read it over and over again). They are interesting and full of pictures.

06-29-2004, 06:32 PM

I too have a son who is now in 3rd grade and very much a visual learner. Last year , i think, I posted some book that i found quite helpful since I too have this nice problem.

A couple of series I like are *The Whole Story*. They are classics, unabridged. Barnes and Nobles carries them.. Yes some of the reading is on a higher level, but it can be adapted or shared reading. The pictures are wonderful!!!!! Each book provides detailed, accurate pictures of the time and setting that the book was written in. The books are not exactly cheap but beautiful and excellent. A definite must for a home library and for the other children.

Also a series called eyewitness classics is carried too by Barnes & Noble. They say they are *sensitively abridged* Yeah, whatever! :roll: Abridged is abridged. However, I don't mind abridged at times. Sometimes I want the shorter version!

In addition, a lot of the fairy tales that children this age still love are written on that level. So go back and have her reread some of those favorites she enjoyed, like Goldilocks, Where the Wild Things Grow, etc.

All of my sons love comic books too! I know some girls like them, others no. Is it possible to obtain such for Barbie?

I can't tell you how much my local librarian has helped us. I explained my dilemma and she is ALWAYS on the lookout for picture books. I just tell her picture books with a high level of reading and she ALWAYS have referrals for me.

I read Dinotopia to all my boys as a read aloud. Well, my oldest ds took it and read again because of the TONS of beautiful pictures.

Does she have subscriptions to any magazines? My other son close to that age loves the Zoo books and Ranger Rick....Tons of beautiful pictures and if he can't read the words, he loves the pictures. The point being to keep him loving reading.

Its a little harder with a visual learner to dig/find those books, but I will continue to accomodate my oldest until the time comes when he no longer needs it.

He reads the comics and loves science books too.

I have found too that by me reading a selection, and then have him illustrate it has helped in his enjoyment of that book. Then he goes back and reads it to me. I don't do this everytime, but I do throw in more than usual since it helps him to visualize a story better. I too can see if he is understanding it.

I should probably start keeping a running list of the books that I know are picture books. :idea: They will probably be mostly *boys books* but that still might help some.

Hope this helps some!


07-01-2004, 04:06 PM
Just thought of another series.....

What visual learner doesn't just glow over the pictures in the Magic School Bus series?

When he first was reading, I let him read the speech balloons. Then the story text!! He still loves them. Last night he was reading the one about the castles.

Especially if you can find a hardcopy one at the library, they have such vivid pictures. But I also got a whole briefcase full I ordered from one of the reading companies..who was it, Troll, Trump, Carnival.?..you know which I ones I'm talking about right? :)

Gotta love em!