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Ohio Mom
04-28-2006, 01:17 PM
This was sent to me from my homeschool group. They wanted me to pass this on. I do not have any other info on this person, just what they sent me.

Dear fellow home educators,

By way of introduction, my name is Diana Fessler, and I was one of the
parents that served on the State Board's Advisory Committee that
developed Ohio's home education regulations in 1989. For twenty years,
my husband and I educated our six children at home and I am the author
of "Home Education: Answers for Ohio Parents." For six years, I served
as an elected member of the State Board of Education, and I am
serving my third term as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives.

I mention my experience as a home educator and my experience in state
government as the basis for what I consider to be an informed opinion
regarding both home education and good government.

On May 2, you will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate for
governor who supports home education. Attached is a copy of Ken
Blackwell's brochure. It says, it part:

"Ken believes a child's education decisions are best made by the
including charter, private and home schooling options."

The very idea that a gubernatorial candidate would acknowledge parental
rights and support home education is monumental.

We need a governor who is on our side, Ken Blackwell.

Please join me in voting for Ken Blackwell for Governor - May 2nd.

Also, please forward this email to others.

Diana Fessler
State Representative, 79th District
Ohio House of Representatives

04-28-2006, 01:25 PM
G'ma, I am sending you a PM!

Ava Rose
04-28-2006, 04:12 PM
Awesome, thanks for the info!

04-28-2006, 04:47 PM
Ken Blackwell spoke briefly at the CHEO conference last June. I was very impressed with him. He basically said what G'ma's post said...that he supported parental choice when it came to education. He had impressed me back when Bush won Ohio in the presidential election by not rolling over for the Democrats. I think he handled the situation very well. He is going against Jim Petro in the primary next week. Petro has the support of pro-life groups, because he made some law or ruling or something in a way that has been held up in the courts. While other states have been told to "try again", Petro's was worded so that there were no loop holes, or so I understand from the mailings I've received from the Ohio Right to Life.

But I believe that Petro wasn't always pro-life. Blackwell has ALWAYS been strong. This is why I would chose him over Petro. HOWEVER if Blackwell doesn't win the primary, I would have no trouble in voting for Petro as governor.