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05-25-2004, 09:35 AM
I would like suggestions on how to make a scrapbook of each year. I have made them for various other things but never for school. Next year will be my first year hs though and I would like to put one together. I obviously won't save everything but how do you pick and choose, what size binder do you use, and do you glue everything in onto separate pages or punch holes? What about all the separate noetbooks he will be using for different subjects, do I put those in it also? All ideas will be helpful. I would like to start buying things now.

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05-25-2004, 10:53 AM
I use the portfolio covers on abcteach.

I use a three-ring notebook. I like the kind that has a plastic cover so you can slip in a cover. The kids make their own cover page.

05-26-2004, 10:18 AM
Check out www.homeschoollearning.com They have an free - awsome portfolio download. It has step by step insttuctions on how to create them, what to include and then how to put them together. I can't wait to put ours together.

05-26-2004, 10:20 AM
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05-26-2004, 04:53 PM

When I started, I had trays marked *completed work* for each kid. The problem with that was what do now after the pile is high? Send them home? LOL

So on a DAILY BASIS, what we do as far as keeping work is we punch holes in the 3" 3 ring binders as we go along for the whole year. That way its neatly kept and I can go back and decide what I want to keep or not. It also makes it nice because I have right at my fingertips each child's work that is tabbed. So I can bring the notebook into the living room and scrapbook.

The only thing I don't ever pitch is writing or journals. We use a different spiral or tablets for each grade. When they were younger, it was file folder with paper. They are thin and are kept pretty easyily. I was afraid that if I used the 3 holed punched paper they would get lost in the 3 ring binders. Plus when you are working on writing, I am always having them go over their work at the beginning of the year and compare to how they are doing now. IMHO its easier to keep their writing as far as compositions separate. I put their history and science writing in the notebook,but not their other compositions. Even this year, I'm thinking about keeping all of their writing in one place.

Art work gets hung up immediately. Then when I take it down, i decide THEN if its a keeper or not.

Some homeschoolers take pictures of their work and keep it on a cd for each grade. Actually I will probably do that this year. This way you can throw away what you don't actually want to keep a hard copy on, and you always have a cd to see their work.

Sooooo if you do that it makes it a little easier to assimilate information in a scrapbook.

My scrapbook will be looseleaf this year, since I like to go back and add pages. I start off the year with taking pictures of our first day. Matter of fact the first day or two is nothing but artwork and crafts we might want to keep for memories or such.

I do handprints,(acid free stamps pads) we did footprints this past year. We record height, and what we think our favorite subjects will be this year. They also write what they think they will learn in the next year. I take a picture of them. So that is like the first two pages or more of our scrapbook each year. Then after that, I may keep a sample of their handwriting...I make pockets for their awards in music. Then we put in pictures of field trips and pictures of just working every day.

When you store their information on cds its makes it a little easier to do a scrapbook, imho because you don't have to be afraid of what to put in the scrapbook or not because you have everything.

05-27-2004, 11:30 AM
Thanks for the good ideas. I went and bought 3" ring binders and some pocket pages. I even started making one out of his old things. They are turning out great. I like the binders that have the clear pocket on the front and back, I ended up putting a drawing he had made in them.

05-28-2004, 06:46 AM
Our scrapbook is like a yearbook. It is our school year in pictures. I really wanted my kids to have a book that they could look back on and remember things we did for homeschooling. There are field trip pages, artwork pages, and pages for other various activitites.

Our portfolios are in a 3 ring notebook. I put those clear pocket protectors in it and filled them with work samples throughout the year. I also added info about the kids, their favorites and such. I include good samples from all subject areas too. We are actually required to keep one but it's a nice way to organize their work so you can look back and see what all they have learned through the year.


05-29-2004, 08:51 PM
For the past 6 years, ever since my daughter started Kindergarten, we have made "school books." I take photos of EVERYTHING we do, education related, not just school, but field trips or outings in nature, plays etc. We mount them and as my children get older they may mount them on construction paper first, and cut edges with fancy scissors. They write the captions with fancy pens, and add stickers that go with the photos. They start the first page with a picture I take on the first day of school, and call it "First day of ____ grade." They make a cover with colorful paper that features their school photos. Or a good close-up. We have always slipped all the pages into plastic page protectors and then used rings to hold them together. I have a binding machine now, but we started out this year's books that old way, maybe next year we will glue things further from the edges and comb bind them.
These are great for me, for when I think we aren't doing enough I can look and see all the things we have done! We also add at the back pages for programs, brochures, maps, things like that.
Whenever we show these to people they wish they had started taking photos at the beginning of the school year!
You may mean a scrapbook of their completed work, in which case I am no help at all with this idea!
I keep folders of their work. History and Science usually have a notebook separate, for each subject we do as a unit. I save everything, then before I put the folders away I go through and save a few from every few months, good and bad! All the spelling lists, we go over them during the summer. All the creative writing, it can't be replaced. Representitive papers from math and language or reading stuff.