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05-19-2004, 04:26 PM
Hi everyone!

I know that many homeschoolers are members of the VegSource.com discussion boards. I have been trying to register as well, but without
success. Somehow, I just can't figure out how to do it. I tried
to contact the VegSource webmaster, but never receive a reply. That site looks interesting and I would love to be able to join in some discussions. Would someone show me the way, please?

Thank you,


05-19-2004, 06:00 PM
I do not recall ever having to register, and I've posted on there a few times, and answered several posts.
Have you tried posting?

05-21-2004, 09:42 AM
I hate to say it, because I love Vegsource swap boards, but they do block a lot of ISP's, mine being one. When this happens, they say you have to register, but then they never reply to your request to register.

I know I, personally, never did anything to warrant being blocked, so it's not me personally, it's the ISP as a whole they're blocking.

Unfortunately, unless you have access to a computer with a different ISP, you will probably not be able to post.