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05-17-2004, 03:09 PM
Well Kathe and Deena, I'm STILL looking for Power Glide French!!! With the gas prices going up (and up, and up!!!) I REALLY need to find it cheap! Oh well, there's a used sale tonight I'm going to....

ANYWAY, we just came from the library. I had "La Chenille Affamee" on reserve (excuse the missing accent!): "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". We have been working on fruits, plus we know our numbers (at least to 10!) and he ate une pomme, deux poires, trois prunes, quatre fraises, et cinq oranges!!! So I figured it'd be a fun one to try. The kids did very well with it. BUT FAYHTE!!! I was so pleased!!! We've also done "English from the Roots Up", which teaches Greek and Latin roots. Well, we came to the word "soliel", or "sun". As I translated, Faythe got all excited. "Sol" is Latin for "sun"!!! YEAH!!!! It's beginning to click!!!

05-17-2004, 07:04 PM

At the convention this past weekend, I bought powerglide spanish! I was just waiting for a chance to *touch and see it* so that I could thoroughly check it out!:D I was sooo pleased with it!

Matter of fact, my girlfriend and I both bought it! We are hoping our kids can work on it some this next year independently. Did you buy the flash cards? I went ahead and got them so that I would have them for all the languages.

Presently, oldest ds has been teaching himself German. I have NOTHING to do with that. He has been going to his room listening to his audio cd. Its not powerglide just something he wanted from Barnes and Noble.

So hopefully, if the french is good and the spanish is good some of the other languages might be as well. I didn't know they had latin and I think the other one was Japanese or Chinese. Anway she has a friend that is from Laos and so she wants to incorporate some Asian influence.

I wouldn't mind incorporating the Asian influence if it was the FOOD! HEE HEE.....She has some wonderful hot and spicy recipes!:D :D I don't really need to do anymore cooking!!:D :p :D :p

05-17-2004, 11:43 PM
I bet some of us Canadian teachers have lots of French ideas. I taught French for a few years.