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  1. Families find new allies in homeschooling
  2. Homeschooling in Iowa
  3. Homeschooling on the Rise in Black Communities
  4. Families differ in their approach to summer schedules
  5. Southern IL Homeschooled Students Celebrate Own Graduation
  6. Denial of NY Diplomas Fought
  7. AZ Law would allow home-schoolers equal admission guarantees
  8. Virginia Homeschooling on the Rise
  9. Virginia's home-schooling laws still under debate
  10. Some PA districts resist paying for cyberschools
  11. Homeschooled student heading to Japan
  12. Homeschool Family Builds 'Dream House'
  13. 5,000 join Christian Home Educators meet
  14. Parents know whatís best for childrenís education
  15. Court Opens Public School Sports to Homeschoolers
  16. Children answer call for quilts
  17. Parental involvement not always as expected
  18. Getting Schooled on Homeschooling
  19. News from the Pennsylvania General Assembly
  20. Labor laws and personal beliefs collide
  21. Mid-Pac teaches homeschoolers
  22. Homeschoolers and librarians
  23. From liberty to bondage?
  24. Annual homeschooling conference set for July 16-17
  25. Homeschool Family Adventure offers fun, learning & renew
  26. For some Napa kids, school will be a virtual experience
  27. Home schooling right choice for daughters
  28. Homeschooler earns BA at 18
  29. Some families prefer home for school
  30. How Do Homeschool Parents Know Their Children Are Learning?
  31. Kids and Clutter: Family Life Doesnít Have To Be So Messy
  32. A contrast in schools: Home vs. public
  33. Correcting Misconceptions About Home Schooling
  34. More parents deciding to homeschool
  35. Controversy Rages Over Homeschooling in Bakersfield, CA
  36. A different kind of home room
  37. State requirements have homeschool parents feeling tested
  38. Home schooling movement gains momentum
  39. More Parents Turning to Home Schooling
  40. Schooling at home growing in popularity
  41. Homeschooling gains popularity across nation
  42. Read-a-Thon Program
  43. National Center for Education Statistics - Homeschool Report
  44. a comment in this article really bugs me
  45. School For Infants
  46. MSN homeschool report
  47. Homeschooling Under Fire in 2005 Legislative Sessions
  48. ESPN mocks homeschoolers in National Spelling Bee
  49. Just thought I'd post an NEA article....
  50. Homeschoolers Proving Skeptics Wrong
  51. Homeschoolers Score Higher On Act College Entrance Exam
  52. Create a Love for Learning
  53. Hurricane Katrina Response from Homeschoolers
  54. Katrina promoting Home schooling
  55. Proposed Homeschooling Laws in Puerto Rico
  56. General HS article on Yahoo
  57. Oklahoma institutionalizes most pre-K
  58. Flat Stanley... all grown up!
  59. Ebay Book ban!
  60. Ninth Circuit Slams Studentís Religious Expression
  61. Ohio voters
  62. article on unschooling
  63. I know movies arn't "news" but...
  64. teacher gives murderous writing assignment
  65. "Some Schools Are Leaving Recess Behind"
  66. Socialism in Wyoming?
  67. Demo candidate accused of showing Bush-bashing video to his students
  68. Homeschooling Unfair Advantage?
  69. Teacher makes kids Map World Freehand!
  70. READ THIS!! >>> U.N. making homeschooling illegal?
  71. interesting article, not H. S. related
  72. "Bullied kids have more behavioral problems"
  73. Simpler Spelling?
  74. Article on local homeschoolers
  75. unschooling blog
  76. local daycare violations
  77. Do you know what you can buy on eBay?
  78. Turn Your Tv On Abc Right Now!
  79. "Homeschooled Athletes Gain Exposure"
  80. Homeschool on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  81. Court upholds Nazi-era ban on homeschooling
  82. public school a "right"?
  83. Dr.Phil Show on Homeschooling?
  84. Anti-Christian Video shown in Illinois Public School.
  85. The Learning Channel Shooting HS Show On Google Video!
  86. Wife Swap is picking on Homeschoolers, Again.... Sigh
  87. Colorado: College Admission Discrimination Ends for Homeschoolers
  88. I am amazed by the skills of some people here
  89. DR. PHIL Anti-HomeSchool Show is on TODAY!
  90. CNN's Report on Homeschool Physical Education
  91. OLD Article, Still Interesting Read: "Kyle Williams Teen pundit"
  92. Meine aktuellee
  93. Webdesigners help
  94. Montana writer's book hits the big screen
  95. RV and Homeschooling
  96. Problemm with http
  97. Portland Tribune Article on Homeschooling
  98. John Taylor Gatto speech
  99. Why Scholastic Workbooks Are Great for Home Schooling a Child of Any Age
  100. Spanking Children - California
  101. hard lender money oregon
  102. Article by Pediatrician
  103. i love google!
  104. DR PHIL "Great Education Debat" online!
  105. Schoolastic and PBS Negative Portrayal of Homeschooler.
  106. Doctors told to "monitor homeschool patients"
  107. public school in the news
  108. Homeschoolers find universities Door opening
  109. Our local group in the news!
  110. Another ps school story....ugh!
  111. Another Contemporary Well-Known Family Homeschools!
  112. MIT to offer all classes online for FREE!
  113. Indie film you might find interesting..
  114. Texas HPV update!
  115. OT (Sort of): Lou DObbs New Report on The Failing American Schools.
  116. State police take children from parents
  117. favorable article
  118. 5th-Graders Accused of Sex in School
  119. Good news for German girl!!
  120. Article on Socialization
  121. Schools Out
  122. Free Online Session on APs by Mark Cruthers
  123. Socialization Cartoon TOO TRUE!
  124. Free Online Session: "College Admissions at the home schooler"
  125. Pro-Homeschooling Song on NPR!?
  126. Indianapolis PS suspend Kindergarteners?
  127. Teacher accused of repeated sex acts with student
  128. Interesting positive article!
  129. Idaho governor speaks at homeschool graduation
  130. This person want to restrict home school
  131. Mallard Fillmore....
  132. why some one home schools
  133. yet another person writing why they do it
  134. No place like home
  135. What does it mean to be Well-Educated?
  136. Unschooling Articles
  137. Peep Research
  138. John Holt
  139. Microwave...don't try this
  140. Guilt Free HSing
  141. Longer School Days, Leaner Kids
  142. Homeschool Monopoly
  143. Interesting Articles
  144. Public Schools no place for teachers' kids
  145. U.S. spends average $8,701 per pupil
  146. Saw this article posted on another HS board
  147. My Stepfather sent this to me...
  148. PS better than HS
  149. Article- Homeschooling and Christian Duty
  150. Articles on Learning
  151. Vote! New 7 Wonders of the World
  152. Homeschooling remains popular
  153. Adding Another 'R To The Curriculum
  154. Egles Math Homeschool Group
  155. Keep 'Em Home
  156. Homeschooling family in need
  157. Homeschool teacher is a carrer.
  158. Wow, they have a school!!!
  159. Cute and smart is better than cute and dumb.
  160. Article on Scheduling the easy way
  161. More reasons to keep your kids home
  162. 2006 ACT scores
  163. What could be coming?
  164. Articles to defend against the doubters
  165. I don't even have words for this
  166. Yet another reason to HS (sex & Kindergarten)
  167. Something good
  168. HS foiled in shooting
  169. CA law
  170. HSing situation developing in MO
  171. Birth Control in middle school
  172. Middle School Principal Sells Meth From Office
  173. News Story
  174. Public Schools likened to State Church
  175. One more reason to homeschool
  176. Oh for Heaven's Sake!
  177. Oh Brother!
  178. Tim Tebow -
  179. Colorado Church gunman
  180. Wow!
  181. NY Principal Wants Teachers to Dumb It Down
  182. SC Homeschooler to Lead SC Education Panel
  183. Universal PreK
  184. Family with 14 children loses home to fire
  185. Homeschool Mom Elected to Public School Board
  186. So Horrible!
  187. Huckabee supported by HSLD
  188. A sad state for children who are deaf/blind.
  189. Teacher tells parents they've been Punk'd
  190. Super Nanny-Homeschool Family
  191. Homeschooling on WIFE SWAP
  192. More government invastion...
  193. homeschooling and Germany
  194. HSLDA backs up endorsement
  195. HS Family on Extreme Home Makeover
  196. If you homeschool in WI please take note and respond
  197. An editorial
  198. MI needs your call!!
  199. Homeschool mom Discusses her voting choice
  200. One of these things....Article
  201. Critics take aim at virtual schooling...
  202. I thought that this was interesting ;-)
  203. Teachers in the News
  204. FYI: A New DR Phil Episode on homeschooling
  205. Parents told they must stop HS'ing
  206. Again in California: Home school parents must have teaching credential
  207. Dr. James Dobson On California Ruling
  208. Getting Myself in Trouble Again ;-)
  209. Governor blasts judges ruling
  210. Interesting!
  211. Glen Beck Homeschools?
  212. Homeschooling against the law?
  213. Homeschool Resolution Introduced
  214. SNL last night
  215. Home Is Where the School Is - Wash. Post
  216. A positive homeschooling video from CBS
  217. Michigan HB5912
  218. Horton Hears a Who - Please be aware.
  219. 3rd graders plot attack on teacher
  220. FUNNY Spoof on the California Ruling
  221. Why do we homeschool? Big picture question
  222. Nim's Island
  223. 16 year old beaten by classmates
  224. Homeschooler Wins Morehead Scholarship
  225. No "Real Science" = No Diploma!
  226. John Stossel's take on hs laws in California
  227. Disturbing Story Caution if you are Squimish
  228. Duggar's expecting #18
  229. Teacher arrested for forcing child to unclog toilet with hands!
  230. Houston Homeschool Family featured on FOX
  231. Utah homeschool Prom
  232. Dr. Laura on Homeschooling
  233. Attack on Homeschooling--Newspaper Logic...This is GREAT!
  234. yet another reason to homeschool-poor decision by teacher
  235. Child voted out of classroom by peers.
  236. Subway discriminates agains home schoolers
  237. National Spelling Bee
  238. ANOTHER child humiliated in Kindergarten -- caught on tape
  239. Subway Apologizes
  240. A teacher/student brawl?
  241. cast your vote for HSing
  242. DC following California's example?
  243. How the almighty "S" word influences creativity
  244. How do you know your (hs'ed) children are learning?
  245. Child truancy
  246. Homeschooling Equals Educational Anarchy
  247. North Carolina looking to tighten down on homeschooling?
  248. Curriculum, Free Worksheets & Websites
  249. Interesting editorial
  250. Yet another reason to homeschool