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  1. Accredited teachers are best?
  2. (PG-17) Are these gangs in your area??
  3. Subway Now Including Homeschoolers....
  4. Favorable Development
  5. For Those In Ohio
  6. 24 Hour Schools? Teachers Union Argues for it.
  7. U.S. government: We know parenting better than you
  8. 4 day week for public school
  9. Homeschoolers have invaded your local library!
  10. Many HS'ers undaunted by college
  11. California Victory!!!
  12. Parents have right to homeschool - CA
  13. Homefeeding Children: Threat or Menace?
  14. Homeschooler wins BRONZE
  15. Florida Homeschooling Grows by 80%
  16. Caolifornia: Secular viewpoint only!
  17. Awesome editorial about homeschooling
  18. Homeschooling causes measles outbreaks
  19. Illegal to homeschool?
  20. Brazilian Homeschool Couple May be Jailed
  21. Today show: Kids need more free time
  22. The Objective of Education
  23. Should parents be certified teachers?
  24. Luann Cartoon
  25. CBS News Home Schooling
  26. Spelling Bee
  27. Unschooling: A Better Learning Model, or An Excuse For Indulgence?
  28. Surprise of a lifetime ... Curwensville family meets the president
  29. Homeschool Event in Fountain City, IN
  30. Homeschooling bad for eyes??
  31. Profanity List given to children....
  32. Local homeschoolers
  33. Modern Mom's Website Poll Homeschool is looooooooosing!
  34. Reporter Takes over Interview with Anti Homeschool PhD
  35. Here we go again... homeschoolers and vaccinations!
  36. Homeschool Commercial??
  37. Do you think it'll change...
  38. hi again and parental rights
  39. Michelle Obama's school choice
  40. hs kids demented????? the view thinks so
  41. Teacher "Browbeats" student - what do you think?
  42. Girl Can't Be Called "Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii"
  43. Police say teacher hit boy over a broken crayon
  44. HSer graduating from U of Texas at 16
  45. Ethics and morality
  46. Schools do away with "F" grades...
  47. Good news from Germany
  48. PS Children Kept in Cell-Like "Chill Rooms"
  49. Math Teacher Puts Ads on Tests
  50. Teachers Can Have Sex With 18-Year-Old Students
  51. good news in homeschooling
  52. A Line in the Sand has been crossed in England. So sad.....
  53. Banning homeschooling if children object?
  54. In regards to banning hs and a nomination being voted on today
  55. School interrogates, rejects parents' religion
  56. Schools are instruments of social engineering
  57. Article about Homeschoolers Saving Taxpayers Money
  58. I'm apalled!
  59. NC family no longer allowed to homeschool?
  60. Local homeschool family...
  61. Gov't. recalling books??
  62. Public School Admin. Request That Homeschool Be Exposed
  63. They Won!
  64. Daytime Curfew/Homeschoolers
  65. Suicide over bullying
  66. 13-year-old Strip-Searched at School
  67. Another suicide in the news
  68. Easy Grades = Failing Grads
  69. Pueblo County High School Students Assigned to Plot Act of Terrorism
  70. You tube video about Killing classmate
  71. And people wonder why we don't trust our local PS?
  72. Beating of special needs child
  73. USA Today Home School Article
  74. Anti-Homeschooling Articles
  75. Year Round School?
  76. UN Convention on the rights of the child
  77. My Senator emailed me back about the CRC.
  78. NASCAR's Homeschooled Star
  79. Real cons of homeschooling
  80. Homeschooling and College Admissions Advice
  81. changes to Idaho law
  82. The Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty Threatens Homeschooling in the US
  83. Home Visitation Programs in Healthcare Bill
  84. Health care bill
  85. Positive Homeschool Article in the New Yorker
  86. the word american removed from ps textbooks
  87. PA Standardized Test for High School - Pass or Don't Graduate
  88. U.S. 'Soviet-style' education system not cutting it
  89. Disgusting UN stuff again
  90. Homeschool Girl Ordered to Public School
  91. You thought the UN document was out of line......
  92. More examples of how ps textbooks are propaganda
  93. Friend said there was no way to homeschool.....
  94. Stupid In America...Another reason to homeschool
  95. Homeschooling under O
  96. yet another reson to home school
  97. I hate homeschooling jokes....ug!
  98. Obama: Longer school days and school years needed
  99. Great Article on Homeschooling
  100. Article by a sociologist in UAE
  101. Gov't healthcare bill= Deception
  102. Another public school abuse issue...
  103. Kids over age of 5 banned from park (aimed at Private School kids)
  104. Tom and Katie
  105. HS story from our local news
  106. Nobel Prize Winner
  107. Petty dictators, homeschooling and human rights
  108. Live in the UK? The UN now owns your children.
  109. Homeschool Parents Arrested for not Registering
  110. And here's why we continue to homeschool...
  111. Homeschoolers: Trailer Park Denizens or...?
  112. Sexual harrassment/assault common in public school, and acceptable
  113. Victory in New Hampshire..
  114. Ohio: IMPORTANT
  115. just found this
  116. 9 yr old commits suicide
  117. A*ortion averted, home schooled, and the top college football athlete
  118. Idle parents = Happy kids
  119. German Homeschool Family Granted Political Asylum in U.S.
  120. Sex ed
  121. Trouble brewing in Missouri
  122. Stossel's views on education
  123. 12 yr old arrested for writing on desk
  124. Always look a (public school) gift horse in the mouth
  125. Deer Creek
  126. Should I join a co-op
  127. Thought you all might want to read this!
  128. We're under attack- it's starting here
  129. We're giving the government a reason to regulate homeschooling
  130. Top HS Curriculum Dismiss Darwin Evolution
  131. Opinion Article on the German Homeschoolers
  132. Christian Homeschool Science Texts Under Attack
  133. national standards mandate
  134. Sex and the preschool child
  135. "No obvious injury" includes a concussion
  136. KC to close nearly half of its schools
  137. Teachers are bullies too
  138. Grades?! PFFT...Can you work yet?
  139. Homeschooling Article - Third in Series
  140. How does the media treat Homeschoolers?
  141. A very interesting post about hs regulation
  142. PS assists student in having abortion
  143. ran across this,
  144. Government now requires social interaction for homeschooled students
  145. Skimpy prom dresses and spanking seniors?
  146. April Fool's Day Joke
  147. More evidence in the suicide of bullied teen
  148. School bans ALL processed foods in packed lunches
  149. Teacher creates Bully List
  150. "Parents let kids go free"
  151. I'm supposed to be shocked, but I'm not!
  152. Homeschool Senior Runs For Office!
  153. Houston Officials Dumping Students
  154. Another reason why I homeschool
  155. Houston teacher assaults student
  156. Another very good reason to homeschool
  157. Feel Good Homeschool Related Story
  158. Please vote for fellow homeschooler...
  159. Great Homeschool story on Fox News
  160. Homeschool Girl Denied Access to College Due to Age
  161. Bus driver calls Christian girl a "stupid biggott"
  162. New Standards
  163. Anyone see the Fox News Special on education?
  164. English is JUST too difficult, say protesters
  165. Is your child's self worth based on being "an Obama scholar?"
  166. School's promotion of LGBSA leads to hot mess
  167. go to jail for missing teacher conferences!
  168. homeschooling supporters troubled over the intervention of the Indiana Civil Rights
  169. Sex Ed for Kindergarten?
  170. Horribly offensive posters in school
  171. A good article
  172. ”If education were a product we would be suing”
  173. Ok am I crazy
  174. Unschooling on news last night
  175. Forget which thread this was mentioned in....
  176. School board getting rid of "D"s?
  177. It's obvious that this family has been homeschooling or maybe unschooling?
  178. Sweden doesn't like homeschooling
  179. Homeschools in NC Multiply
  180. Playing high school sports - or not!
  181. Valedictorian speaks out against the system
  182. We don't let kids grow up, then wonder why they're childish
  183. Small school making an effort to be great
  184. Illegal handwriting styles?
  185. $578 MILLION on a new school- for a district with a 50% drop out rate.
  186. Majority of PA Cyber Schools Fail to Meet State Standards
  187. Homeschooling grows in Texas
  188. Plan Terrorism for Homework???
  189. $5 Million Homeschooler Scholarships
  190. Homeschooling: The fastest growing form of education?
  191. The NEA's Latest Shenanigans
  192. Another Blow To Homeschooling.....
  193. What are your thoughts on this?
  194. Hi-larious!
  195. Not so new after all....
  196. Not really homeschool news, but another reason to homeschool
  197. Homeschooling Mom takes 6 and 7 Year Old to See Murder Trial
  198. NEA mad at our district
  199. School children required by feds to declare sexual orientation
  200. Elmo and Katy Perry
  201. Food Allergy Bullying at school
  202. We're going mainstream
  203. School Bus Incident/Father Defends Daughter
  204. One more reason to homeschool....
  205. Missouri dropping pretense of 'subjective' thinkin
  206. Houston Schools Tracking Students Like Cattle
  207. NEHRI Statistics on Home Education for the 2008-2009 year
  208. Investigation Into Arlington High Schools
  209. Miss your Parent/Teacher Conference, go to jail?
  210. Homeschooling in TN?
  211. School Board member in hot water over anti-gay status
  212. Threat of jail time for missing a teacher/parent conference?
  213. Students paid for grades
  214. Home Educated Youth and Politics
  215. Father who went off on busfull of kids follow up
  216. Kate Gosselin Homeschooling???
  217. Homeschooling in MI under fire by State Board of Education
  218. Homeschooled Congresswoman
  219. Standardized test scoring
  220. Documentary Detailing Unions and Public Education
  221. Bus stop makes for sitting ducks
  222. State of the Union
  223. Article about Christians students in Public Schools
  224. About Bill SB 136/Making all students register with the State.
  225. Fox news article - nice
  226. He drew a violent picture...
  227. Suspended because you're hair's too short? *face palm*
  228. Teach Bible in PS? AR Lawmakers say "yes"
  229. You know what kids need? 52 new tests.
  230. Our local homeschooler makes the news!
  231. You're too incompetent to feed your own children....
  232. Is this the way to deal with bullies?
  233. Yet another reason to homeschool
  234. SWAT team called on homeschooling mom
  235. Canadian children (including a toddler) ordered to school for "socializaion"
  236. Child opens fire on classmates with a BB gun
  237. Dip in Colorado homeschoolers in favor of online schools
  238. Children Vandalize Classrooms
  239. Dr Phil on preschool
  240. Raising a Gender-Neutral Baby...
  241. Baby Storm's Mom Speaks Out (Re: secret gender story)...
  242. How Unfortunate!!
  243. Home-school Hurdles in Canada
  244. Celebrity homeschoolers
  245. Why listen to parents?
  246. Bullies: how reponsible are schools?
  247. C-Section or V-birth? Schools want to know
  248. Article on Socialization
  249. Anyone shocked?
  250. Harmless Senior Prank = felony and 8yrs in prison?